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NEW photos of Dec 02 class at Gene's new BOW SHOPPE!

Photos of staves in the vices


Selfbow classes, one on one $240 for one day wood and tools available call for appointment
319 234 0292
2-6 students PER CLASS for
2 days (18hr)

$240 per student

Where? At my bow shop OR
Arrange a place for single or group, some travel expense but the class will be in your area.

During the week or weekends.

Contact me for the classes that will be given at Kirkwood College or Hawkeye Institute

call for appointment
319 234 0292


Dan at full draw for the first time, very nice form

Dean Conrad shows us how it's done

full draw

Mike Peyton helps Wendy

Wendy draws back first time
Kirkwood North Liberty Class 2001

Front Row: L-R Mikail Arey, Dennis Greif, Michelle Greif, Mike Scott, Jess Emlet
Back: L-R Al Long, Jerry Coulter, Mike Peyton, Gene Winter (Instructor)

ITBS Class

How did you come about building self-bows Gene? "I saw one at a shoot that I wanted to build. I began a search immediately. After obtaining the information that I needed, I felt the necessity to share this knoweldge with anyone interested. The response has been overwhelming, and I enjoy every minute of it!"

Heat 'em up and bend 'em

Family Shooting



2003 Classes:
Class 1-23-03
Class 1-26-03
Class 2-23-03
Class 3-19-03
Class 3-26-03 Linn Mar
Class 3-22 & 3-23 New Hampton

One of the first classes

2006 classes

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