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Eco-Dipper   New!

Our new Eco-Dipper was created to easily seal and crest arrows, while eliminating waste. Check our our video and picture gallery below!

(If your browser does not load the video, see it here on YouTube)

Eco-Dipper on Can Eco-Dipper Sealing Arrow Eco-Dipper and Arrow Eco-Dipper in Color

(Distributor and Wholesale Pricing Available - e-mail Gene for details)

Selfbow Classes

Using a Rasp on a Bow Handle

If you're eager to learn more about traditional bow making, you've come to the right place. Gene Winter, owner of Winter Bow Shoppe LLC offers classes through Kirkwood College on how to make your own self bow and traditional hunting tools. Click here to learn more about Gene's selfbow classes. Gene also offers individual classes!

Supplies for Traditional Archery, Flint-Knapping, and Everything Else!

Knapped Arrowhead Crested Arrows

If you are interested in purchasing traditional supplies or a bow made by Gene, then please feel free to check out the rest of the site and give Gene a call. Make sure to check out the Traditional Archery Supplies page!